In a world of today, it is so important to support women in their endeavours and let them seek their passion. It’s only then we as a Nation and as a race can excel.

“International Women’s Day ” is celebrated around the world. It is a tradition of Cycling Defence Lahore to celebrate IWD with full vigour and determination. In the former years, IWD was celebrated at Defence Club, and Bahria University Lahore Campus Official Group. This year, for the third time, the celebration was organized by Cycling Defence Lahore sponsored by Happilac Paints and Bikestan Lahore at Monal Restaurant, Lahore.
We all gathered at Liberty where we all donned beautiful purple T-shirts starting our ride from Liberty Roundabout to Kalma Chowk and then via MM Alam Road gathered at Monal where we had lavish brunch and a ceremony to acknowledge ladies.
Ladies who earned remarkable achievements through sheer dedication and hard work like Ms.Rabeea Salman, Ms.Mehwish Naseem, Ms. Nida Jaffery CEO Nashtay Walay and Ms.Kanza Malik were invited who shared their life experiences with us.
Thank you ladies for your commitment, enthusiasm and determination to make a difference.
Shout-out to all the men who were there to support women.
Thanks especially to Happilac for sponsoring and stood by CDL in organising such a wonderful event.
As they say a picture is worth thousand words.. Actiview did amazing official coverage of IWD on HD videos and Photography.
Special thanks to all cyclists from all over Lahore, LCCC, ,GCC and CCC and LUMS students for joining us and making this event memorable.

Happy Women’s Day & Happy Cycling