Cycling with the defence community has allowed me to observe certain criteria and resilience adopted on the rides that has a close proximity and resemblance to the elements of success. If we could embellish such characteristics in our quotidian lives, it would certainly lead to fruitful results.

1: Drafting: We place utmost faith in the leader, even knowing the fact that a slightest error will cause havoc to the whole pack. Without having trust in the leadership you are simply asking for shaky grounds.

2: Cycling lane: Keep in your lane (mind your own business). Head down, eyes ahead and working your way around the fragmented road patches, mirrors the art of staying humble and focused. Swiftly moving on from the inevitable small issues in our lives and before we even know it, our goals will be met.

3: Weather and injuries: Cycling in fog, rain, extreme gusty winds. We make adversity our friend and even if we break bones, fall countless times. We get up and come back even stronger, such obstacles and unfortunate instances are merely God’s way of testing, that are we “tough enough” to make it at the end of the journey.

Taha Roomi (Knight of Faith)
14 Mar ’20