Three years today to the inception of Cycling Defence Lahore! Hip hip hurray! Cheers for the cyclists who roll along the wide and spacious, neat n clean boulevards and streets of DHA on a daily basis regardless whether it is at sunrise or sunset, amidst blinding fog, drizzle or blazing sunshine. Even regardless whether it is sometimes a solo flight and friends are few and far. The show must go on! And it does!

Covid-19 has the entire world in isolation from what was a normal life previously. Gatherings and sports activities are officially closed down. And yet, health conscious individuals who realize the importance of immunity building are keeping their exercise routines going steady and strong. What sets most of these people and CDL addicts apart during these challenging times, is the level of enthusiasm and leap of faith which makes them ride in brilliant sunshine, cool breeze and fresh air – of course maintaining the protocols of social distancing. Never has Lahore seen masked men in such brilliant colours, whizzing away in a labrynth that makes up the map of the city! And so today, to mark their third anniversary, a good numbered lot came out and rode to Mc Donald’s Phase VIII where a delectable chocolate cake (one that I regrettably missed!) was cut, along with take away coffee while the group stood outside the fence in the open air. I imagine there must have been clapping and words of praise and well wishes at the time the cake was cut. The skies this evening were filled with soft clouds that were the whitest I’ve ever seen in my city, something I had only experienced up in the northern areas of Pakistan. Even with all the fear and misery this virus had caused, there was cause of celebration – the Earth’s stratosphere had been cleansed a great deal, and yes, the avid riders were connected with an energy that kept the wheels turning!

Three years of tangible growth, plenty of hurdles that had to be zig zagged in and out of many a times, a show of skill, speed and strength (both physical and an inner one), celebrations such as this one, casual n relaxed as well as pro n swift rides, and of course a sense of unison that comes only from within a family…here’s to many many more years of adventure and making memorable memories!


Sunday April 5th, 2020