“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”

Cycling Defence Lahore took a step, or should we say rolled, to different and greener pastures earlier this morning. A group of cyclists rode all the way from DHA to Township to visit the new campus of Deaf Reach School. An avid cyclist and member of CDL, Daniel Marc, is heading this fabulous initiative in Lahore, which accounts for one of the seven Deaf Reach Schools, Training Centres and Colleges in Pakistan. Daniel rode along with CDL and formally welcomed the group with his bright smile and enthusiastic energy! Along with the Principal and Vice-Principal, he led a presentation and tour of the wonderful, colorful, and brightly lit campus which was recently completed and awaits the arrival of its students as soon as it is safe for them to return during the pandemic. Daniel is from Montréal, has traveled to other parts of the world including Karachi, and is now giving off of himself to the special needs of deaf children in Lahore. Cycling groups, therefore, not only provide a platform for both serious sport and leisure activity but also contribute towards bringing together valued members of our society, strengthening bonds, bringing about motivation, as well as offer opportunities for building a better world. Today’s ride shall be one of such memorable first steps which would lead in the direction of continued support and interaction with the faculty and students of this school of special needs.

The new campus is the result of a partnership with the Punjab Social Welfare Deptt who rightfully granted rent-free premises and that of the renowned Syed Babar Ali Esq and Packages Foundation who donated a noteworthy sum of 18 million rupees for its renovation and establishment. The campus can accommodate up to 200 students from Kindergarten to College level. It not only provides literary education but also manifests its efforts in vocational training which aims at its students being able to integrate as productive individuals of our society at large. A visit from CDL is no doubt one of the many ways we, in turn, can give back, and ensure a well-connected network within our social infrastructure. Beethoven said that music was like a dream, one that he could not hear. And yet, what wondrous melodies he gifted to the world! The deaf citizens in our society deserve all the love and care they can get from us for them to be able to tap into their talent and potential. The visitors were treated to a hearty breakfast in the garden of the premises with homemade sandwiches, marble cake, fruits, coffee, and tea. They were also taught the sign language as to say ‘I love you’ which is a logotype for the school itself. A live video was shared, moments were captured at the click of a button, and CDL strives to combine sport with ‘support’ (for such worthy causes).

*For more on the Deaf Reach Program please visit:

https://deafreach.com/inside-the-school/ *